June 2014

Tuesday June 10th 5:30

Library Trustee Board Meeting

Wednesday June 11th 5:00

Deadline for Assistant Director applications

Job description

Friday June 13th 6:00 – 7:30

Video Game Night

The RFL and RVS PTO are jointly hosting a video gaming eveing at the RVS gymnasium.  A variety of games and systems will be available for all ages to try.  No reservation is requried and some refreshments will be available.

Saturday June 14th 1:00

Volunteer Appreciation Day

On Saturday the 14th we will be thanking all those volunteers who help make our library a great place.  Please stop by and share your support for these generous individuals.  Refreshments will be available and no reservation required.

Tuesday June 17th

RIF Distribution

On Tuesday June 17th the RVS students will be coming over to the RFL to receive the next round of free books.  All children of Roxbury are welcome to come in and grab a book for their own.  We even have board books for the wee little ones not in school yet.  If you would like a book but can’t make it on the 17th please contact us and we will arrange another option for you.


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